Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Question for you.....

When is a card handmade and when is card handcrafted? Is there a difference? If a card take ten minutes to make or two hours, is one a "better" card than the other?
That the question (or rather, questions) I was asking myself this evening - I'm currently on a mission to challenge myself to make quick, and yet still effective, cards. This obviously rules out pretty colouring and lots of fiddly bits, so what is left? A couple of bits of paper and a splodge of ink?
Or a quick dash over an image with some distress ink?
I'm not sure if either of these cards could possibly be sent out to anyone even remotely crafty, but what would a non-crafter think?


  1. Crafter or non-crafter - I think just getting one of these two cards would make any receiver happy.

  2. I agree with Anne, both are lovely and I don't think any crafter would turn their nose up at either.
    It does make one think though about how much time we spend faffing on the 'perfect' card when simple is sometimes soooooo much prettier?

  3. Both of these cards are lovely Claire. I actually love the simple design over the coloured one - but each card and every crafter is different. But put it in the perspective of a non-crafter and whatever you send them, simple or not, everytime they comment on how wonderful it is to receive a handmade / handcrafted card. Go and do what you enjoy best irrelevant of the result. Hugs, Claire x

  4. Both are beautiful.....sometimes simple elegance can speak volumes.....I spend too much time faffing, and my simplist cards are often the more pleasing....but do I learn?...you tell me....ha!

  5. I think both cards are wonderful. Anyone would be happy to receive either.