Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fabulous Follower Award....

"Well finally" I hear AM cry! The world famous "Copperknob of the 29 Stockings" has been nipping my head about showcasing the wonderful award she gave me for stalking her blog, and it's time I passed it on....

Of course she passed it on to just about EVERYBODY I know but there are a couple of folk who are very kind and visit me often, and they actually say nice things about my blog posts (Ahem, AM are you listening?) so I would like to pass on the Fabulous Follower Award onto.....(drum roll, please)

Ali @ Aqualeiga's Escape (who by some random quirk of fate got me into blogging and Papercraft Planet)
Claire @ Claire's Crafty Corner who stops by regularly and is nice to me (Ahem, AM...)
Sam @ Sparkly Moo Just love that name!
Cole @ Cole Meyer's Blog she would fire me if I didn't give it to her....

Grab your nice and shiny award here, ladies!


  1. Aww thanks Claire for the lovely award, now that means I need to pass it on to people who are nice to me LOL. Hugs, Claire x

  2. Some peeps have no taste, in my opinion....haaaaaaa!

  3. Aww thanks Claire! Hope you have a lovely night, Sam x

  4. Aaww, thanks Claire, lovely to be appreciated AND to hear about it! Hope you are doing ok and enjoying the 'Summer' we are/n't having!!

    Hugs, Ali x