Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Every cloud has a silver lining

Yes, apparently so. Tonight's silver lining is that my blog post does not contain any of my cards :)
Today we took a trip to the seaside - this time to Broughty Ferry. Slightly warmer and sunnier than our last day out at the beach!
Seven swans a swmming (or standing)
Broughty Castle
Splashing in the Play Park


  1. Vintage??.....Moi??
    Beautifully matured, I'd say!
    And I WAS goin' to invite you to take my Follower's Award.....got some reconsiderin' to do now .....ha!
    That family does not match with you, my lady....they look lovely....just sayin'...

  2. Pretty pictures we love to see...
    Favorite one?
    Number three!

  3. It all looks so idyllic C, love the reference to the swans :)
    why is it I don't see you in any of these pics?

  4. uhhhhhh like the swan picture :o)