Monday, April 11, 2011

New Card on the Blog...

Sadly a VIP follower is probably to young to understand the title, but no doubt she will be pleased to have some reading material ;)
This quick and easy card has been made primarily for The Outlawz Monday Greetings Challenge which was to keep 50% of the card white. I'm not going to sit and measure everything to calculate if I have hit the magic five - 0, but it can't be far off!
I used a scrap of yellow paper and bit of ribbon, and stamped the image with a versamark pad and brushed over some chalk. The chalk looks a bit faint on the photo, but it is there!The edges were distressed with Old Paper Distress ink and then mounted onto craft card.
A certain person, who some of us know and love, has been telling half the population of Papercraft Planet that my favourite colour is yellow. Unfortunately this couldn't be much further from the truth - the result of a yellow jumpsuit my mother insisted I wear at the age of 9. And no, there are no photos in existence. Thankfully.


  1. what a lovely card CLAIRE. so wonderfully clean, simple and elegant. I really like it. Who is that VIP follower you are refering to?

  2. Wow! That's a beautiful card :)
    Sparkly Moo x

  3. Gorgeous card Clare, love the soft tones and the lovely image. Hugs, Claire x

  4. Think you did well without measuring! Really must stop misleading your faithful in dislike of color yellow. You use it well. Bet that jumper looked fabulous. Just saying...

  5. Well C! Finally! I truly am proud :) Do think you got your 50% qouta in and I am starting to believe a certain GYD about your love of yellow....
    Beautiful card, wish I was celebrating spring too :(

  6. Just beautiful Miss C!
    Good luck with the challenge!