Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spyder's October Digi Challenge

I've been messing about with my idea for Spyder's Challenge for the last few weeks, I knew which images I wanted to use, and had them printed off and coloured nearly 3 weeks ago! I also knew I wanted to make a stepper card, but every attempt was a disaster, I kept scoring my lines wonky and then it wouldn't stand up straight. Not a good look.

However today I bought some templates from the Cardmaking Downloads site, and hey presto, success at last! So then I just had to assemble the card as I had imagined, although I have my reservations about the pink flower, that may have to go.

The images used are from Spyder's store, and I printed them straight off onto an A4 sheet, I've only used 3 out of the 8 images, and the size of this card is about A6.

What's everyone's opinion on the pink flower? Bit garish?


  1. This is another great card Claire! Love it I will definitely borrow it, if that's ok! Thank you for joining in with my October Challenge!

  2. Great Card Claire! I finally managed to track down your blog & am now a follower!
    Big Hugs
    Dawn xxx

  3. Hi Dawn,welcome along! I do witter a lot though... and Lyn you're more than welcome to borrow anything you like! x

  4. Its a lovely card and I think the flower is FAB...ties in beautifully with the garden theme. \hugs, from Ali x