Friday, July 22, 2011

Rain, Sea & Sand

Seem to be following the trend and not posting anything crafty today :)
Instead I'm going to show you some photos of today's family day out to the beach in deepest, darkest Fife (well it was very cloudy). The weather has been truly awful this summer but it's got to the point where you just have to say - there's no such thing as bad weather, just people who are badly dressed for the weather. So off we all went in our two car convoy laden with a picnic, blankets, fold-up chairs and lots of raincoats. The temperature peaked at 13C/55F and we had a couple of rain showers, but we still managed to get sand in our shoes and paddle in the sea. Although we skipped the ice cream and had hot chocolate instead.


  1. Love the photos - only with the weather would have been nicer for the visit. Still, looks like the boys all had fun.

  2. Weather pretty much the same here - but most people would never get close to the beach at those temperatures, and they stay inside. The expression on his face says it all :)

  3. Josh is such a cutie!!! And it looks like the boys had fun despite the weather. And the overcast day made for some great scenery pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like fun
    100 degrees F here--so maybe if you blew real hard you could send some of the cool air across the pond to help cool us off

  5. AH! love it! I've started a little trend in crafty blogland!
    Stunning pics C, I do think the weather made for some lovely pics, albeit not sunny ones.
    Great fun!