Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to Ali at Aqualeiga's Escape for giving me this award, and today I have to list 8 things about me, hmmmm....

1. I have officially abandoned my Farmville on Facebook! Blocked the application and deleted neighbours and everything!
2. We have 4 foot long icicles hanging from our guttering!
3. I love Peanut Butter M&M's
4. Having a constant battle with my 20 month old not to touch the baubles on the Christmas Tree.
5. I don't own (and never have owned) a pair of jeans!
6. I am unnaturally frightened of dolls.
7. When it comes to ice-cream, greed is acceptable.
8. My first GDT spot starts today at 6pm on Quirky Crafts

Now I need to pass it on to 8 bloggers I've recently met:

Firstly Ruby who is a lovely lady from the U.S, then we'll send it to Mel on Papercraft Planet, Petra in South Africa, Shazia also from PCP, Christy hope you feel better soon! Trina who is a very lucky lady, Amy who's blog has been slightly abandoned but then she did have a baby boy about 2 weeks ago! And finally Sam aka Sparkly Moo.

Remember to pass the award on, ladies!


  1. Thank you!!! :D
    Hope you're having a fab weekend!
    Sam x

  2. Claire, how did I not know you gave me this award? I guess I can claim my GYD status proudly, huh? I got this from Ruby and another friend lately, but I'll make sure to acknowledge you on my blog this week! Thank you!!