Friday, September 14, 2012

Christmas? Ha!

Can't begin to think about Christmas yet! It's only September! Oh, wait, I actually bought my first Christmas present today (not for myself either!). So, with that in mind I have also made my first Christmas card :)
I am a huge fan of the crafty magazines here in the UK, and the freebies are pretty good every month, and the two (yes, two) I subscribe to, inspired this card.
The first one I read had an article about Scandinavian style cards, lots of red and white stamping, which looked so effective. The second magazine came with a free set of Hot of the Press stamps, which I used to make a Scandinavian inspired card. I generally don't like mosts of the cards I make, but I do quite like this one, and it was very quick to make.


  1. Scandinavian style?? Are you sure ??
    LOL - ohh well, you are right. From scandinavian eyes, this looks great :o) Think it is a stamp set that was released a couple of years ago from Panduro Hobby - one of my favourites

  2. Love the reindeer image. Would go with lots of other things, which mag did you say you got it in?!!;)

  3. I, too, love the paper craft magazines from the U.K. The pictures in them are so big and bold, that the inspiration just seems to leap from the pages. Unfortunately, they cost over twice as much as mags from the U.S, so the freebies inside are not really free, thus I rarely splurge on them. Because the pictures inside are so big (which really is a plus), they only have half as many articles on the inside, so obviously they are not a value on this side of the pond.
    Your red card is gorgeous! Is it all made with embossing? Is that real stitching around the reindeer? The red and white makes quite an impact -- love it!

  4. I love this card, the red is so bold on the stark white. Makes for a good scandinavian contrast :)
    I buy the UK card inspiration mags here as well, particularly for the freebies...sshh, don't tell hubby. They are pricey, but the mags from other countries really can't compare, not even our local ones! I enjoy th content as well as the lovely BIG pictures. Though must admit that I prefer the australian mags for scrapbook inspiration...