Tuesday, February 28, 2012


“TTTC?” I hear you cry! In my little world it means Take Time To Carft (I always spell “craft” wrong, so carft has become a verb in it’s own right). Evenings for me are “my time”, after the small odd one goes to bed, I like to settle down to a spot of carfting. Unfortunately, because slightly older, and taller (though definitely not wiser) odd person has his exams coming up in May, my time is no longer my own. Instead it is filled with chemical equations and moles. And not the small, blind rodent kind either. Nor the hairy monstrosity often seen on the faces of old witchy people, come to think of it.

Did I get sidetracked? Maybe a little.

Tonight I had to battle through the chemical formulae to come out carfting at the other end – Mother’s 70th birthday on Friday and as we’re off to the cinema tomorrow  evening to see “War Horse”, I figured I had to get her birthday card made today.

I hadn’t coloured this image by House Mouse before, and the apples are a bit hit and miss – any hints on how to colour a nice shiny red and green apple would be gratefully received! Hoping it’ll pass muster with the old dear, though ;)

HM for Mum

The sentiment is also from a HM un-mounted rubber stamp set along with the one I stamped inside the card which says “On your birthday”. Very un-blinged. Just the way I like it :)


  1. Looove it! The image is lovely and I love how the rabbit is coloured.
    The apples look fine, have you tried Sakura white glaze, it gives a shine but does not change the colour underneath.

  2. Oh my gosh, Claire!!! Your coloring is totally amazing!! You sure are an artist!! Love love love it!!

  3. Very Nice Color job. I prefer the apples just the way they are--right off the tree not polished.

  4. Nice job, Ace! You need to do this more often...might turn into a talent...haaa!
    ps. serves you right for the cheeky comment you left me!;P