Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Blog Has Attitude!

A big thank-you to Ali for giving me this award!
Not only do I get this hot pink sticker to plaster all over my blog, it also comes with a $5 gift certificate to spend in their store! So what do I need to do to claim it?

Well the rules are here, but basically I have to tell you 3 things about myself that make me different, and I have to nominate 5 other bloggers, and the good thing is, if you got this award last year, you still qualify for the $5 gift certifcate! 1 award per blog per year!

So firstly lets tell you 3 things about myself:
1: I only get my haircut once a year and it costs me a fiver.....
2: Peanut Butter M&M's are my new favourite food (do they count as a fruit/veg portion?)
3: My birthday is on Groundhog Day!

So my next task is to pick 5 blogs:
Firstly, I choose a Dunderhero in the shape of Leanie, and then we'll have Christy, and Petra, and Trina and finally Sam aka Sparkly Moo.

I look forward to reading the three things about you all!


  1. Mmm, Peanut M&Ms!!! Lol! Can't wait to see what you make with the digis you choose.

    Hugs, Ali x

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my Dunderwoman heart ;)

  3. Ooh! Thank you! thank you! Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much Claire!!! Wait..once a year! Must be nice!!! LoL! You're the bestest and yes the M&M's ARE a VEGGIE! Hehehe